Hotel Edda in Saelingsdalur hat insgesamt 45 Zimmer, davon 22 Edda Plus Zimmer mit Bad, Fernseher und Telefon und 23 Zimmer mit Waschbecken.

Old School Hospitality since 1961

Dorms become quality hotels

This year we celebrate the 55th anniversary of Hotel Edda. It is a unique story of practicality and hospitality towards travellers in Iceland as boarding schools in the countryside, vacant during summer breaks, would assume a new role as hotels offering a good place to stay while enjoying the spectacular nature. Read more.

Hotel Edda Laugar i Saelingsdal Laugar in Saelingsdal, 371 Budardalur
Phone: (+354) 444 4930 Reservierung unter: (+354) 444 4000
GPS-Koordinaten: 65° 14,750'N, 21° 48,088'W Open map
Öffnungsperiode: 7. Juni - 25. August 2019