Group Menus 2017

Hotel Edda

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Hotel Edda ML Laugarvatn, dinner menu for groups 2017

ML 01 

  • Cauliflower soup
  • Butter fried char from the Lake, bread sauce and cabbage
  • Skyr cake, baked pear and caramel sauce

ML 02

  • Rye bread “geothermal baked “with cured char from the Lake
  • Leg of lamb “stuffed” with fresh cheese and mushrooms served with root vegetables
  • Rhubarb soup with strawberry sorbet

Hotel Edda IKI Laugarvatn, dinner menu for groups 2017

IKI 01

  • Soup of the day
  • Sautéed fillet of trout from Lake Laugarvatn with fresh salad
  • Skyramizu cake with caco and berries

IKI 02

  • Creamy fish soup
  • Grilled Beef steak with baked potato, salad and peppercorn sauce
  • Ice cream duo with chocolate sauce


Hotel Edda Skogar dinner menu for groups 2017

SK 01

  • Soup of the day
  • Grilled char from Lindarfiskur farming in Vík, potato mash, celeriac, carrots, grilled lemon
  • Icelandic berries, skyr cake, rose syrup, berries, nuts and caramel

SK 02

  • Fried char from Lindarfiskur farming in Vík, anis and onion chutney
  • Lamb steak, sunchokes, onion, new potatoes and thyme
  • Chocolate cake, raspberries, hazelnuts and strawberries


Group menu Hótel Edda Vík Dinner 2017 (available from 1st May to 30th September 2017)

Vík A:

  • Creamy Angelica Soup (available from 1st of May to 30st of September)
  • Leg of Lamb with Mashed Potatoes, Honey Glazed Steamed Vegetables and Mint Pesto
  • Rhubarb Muffin with Ice Cream and Fruit Sauce

Vík B:

  • Creamy Angelica Soup (available from 1st of May to 30st of September)
  • Fillet of Arctic Char with Lemon, Mashed Potatoes with Capers and Dill Sauce
  • Skyr Panna Cotta with Mixed Berries

Vík C:

  • Creamy Angelica Soup (available from 1st of May to 30st of September)
  • Confit Pork, Seasonal Vegetables, Creamy Potato Mash, Gravy with Roasted Thyme
  • Chocolate Soufflé with Local Vanilla Ice Cream


Hotel Edda Neskaupstad, dinner menu for groups 2017

Nes 01 

  • Seafood soup, full of fresh seafood
  • “Plokkfiskur“, fish pie gratin with rye bread
  • Apple tart with vanilla ice cream

Nes 02

  • Herring with mustard, eggs and Rye bread
  • Fried Cod with homemade remoulade, pickled onions and potatoes
  • Skyr with blueberry ice cream


Hotel Edda Egilsstadir, dinner menu for groups 2017

ME 01

  • Traditional farm pâté with redcurrant dressing
  • Butter fried catfish with vegetable purre, potatoes and fresh greens
  • Creamy skyr cake with fruit salad

ME 02

  • Summer salad with fresh cheese from Farm Egilsstaðir and redcurrant dressing
  • Leg of Lamb roast served with potatoes, roasted root vegetable and lamb glaze
  • Chocolate brownie with whipped cream 

Hotel Edda Storutjarnir, dinner menu for groups 2017

ST 01

  • “Graved salmon “Dill cured salmon and mustard sauce
  • Lamb steak served with potato salad and sauce béarnaise
  • Skyr-white chocolate mousse, Pavlova and berries

ST 02

  • Creamy shellfish soup
  • Oven baked lightly salted cod from Elvar Reykjalín, Hauganes
  • Warm chocolate cake with berry compote


Hotel Edda Akureyri, dinner menu for groups 2017

Dinner Buffet: Selection of starters, fish and meat courses, vegetables and desserts.


Hotel Edda Laugar Sælingsdal, dinner menu for groups 2017

LS 01

  • Spicy seafood soup with pesto
  • Lamb sirloin with celeriac, carrots, parsnip, kale and herb sauce
  • Skyr from the farm Erpsstadir, with rhubarb and berries

LS 02

  • Cured local trout with apples, fennel, dill, avocado and chives
  • Fish of the day, served with cauliflower, potatoes, broccoli, vinaigrette and dill
  • Waffle, chocolate, berries and vanilla ice cream


Hotel Edda Isafjordur, dinner menu for groups 2017


  • Vegetable soup with homemade bread
  • Spiced cod with smashed potatoes with lemon
  • Ice Cream


  • Bacalao with tomato and celerypuré
  • Leg of lamb with red wine reduction and root vegetables
  • Rhubarb pie with ice cream


  • Chicken salad
  • Fried Trout with small potatos and mango- apple sauce
  • “Skyr” with blueberries


  • Smoked arctic Wolffish with smashed sweet potatoes
  • Escalope of Pork with fried potatoa and ratatouille
  • Chocklade cake with cream and caramel souce


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