Hotel Edda Neskaupstadur has a total of 29 rooms. All rooms have en-suite bathrooms.

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Old School Hospitality since 1961

Dorms become quality hotels

This year we celebrate the 57th anniversary of Hotel Edda. It is a unique story of practicality and hospitality towards travellers in Iceland as boarding schools in the countryside, vacant during summer breaks, would assume a new role as hotels offering a good place to stay while enjoying the spectacular nature. Read more.

Hotel Edda Neskaupstadur 740 Neskaupstadur
Phone: (+354) 444 4860 Booking center: (+354) 444 4000
GPS Coordinates: 65° 8'55.02"N 13°40'48.39"W Open map
Opening hours: 8 June - 16 August 2018