About us

Wherever you are in Iceland there is always a Hotel Edda nearby ready to serve either as pit-stop or a comfortable base camp on your adventures around Iceland. Each Edda hotel has a great restaurant where local dishes lead the way, from the freshest fish and seafood to choice cuts of lamb along with unique dairy products and pure Icelandic water.

Hotel Edda has eleven summer hotels located all around Iceland, some purpose built whilst others housed in dormitory schools and colleges. We create a true hotel experience with some fancy additions to the school dormitory. Using the schools provides lodging in various places around the country, where there are not grounds for running a hotel all year around.

The hotels have between 20 and 204 rooms depending on their location. Each Edda hotel focuses on friendly service, great value for money and a great gateway for adventure.

The Hotel Edda brand is a part of Icelandair Hotels Group which is solely owned by Icelandair Group, a holding company with 11 independent subsidiaries including Icelandair and Iceland Travel and Air Iceland.



Comfortable accommodation at reasonable prices, all around Iceland

  1. ML Laugarvatn
  2. ÍKÍ Laugarvatn
  3. Skógar
  4. Vík í Mýrdal
  5. Höfn
  6. Neskaupstaður
  7. Egilstaðir
  8. Stórutjarnir
  9. Akureyri
  10. Ísafjörður
  11. Laugar í Sælingsdal

Added luxury and premium service

  1. Reykjavik Marina
  2. Reykjavík Natura
  3. Icelandair hotel Flúðir
  4. Icelandair hotel Vík
  5. Icelandair hotel Klaustur
  6. Icelandair hotel Hérað
  7. Icelandair hotel Akureyri
  8. Icelandair hotel Hamar

Beautiful accommodation, luxurious treatments in the NordicaSpa and gourmet meals at VOX Restaurant